Last chance to purchase things and make sure our bike set up is how we want it!

When we arrived last night and got talking to the Lahmans and Jim Owen, I mentioned that I was starting to get sore pelvic bones already. Jim pointed out that I should get that fixed before the rally because what was annoying now would feel like an ice pick in 6 days’ time. Linda recommended the pillion version of the Airhawk as something she’s found invaluable before and while I had tried the Kiwi’s rider version without much success a few years ago, apparently the pillion seat version works better. A little while later Ian and Colleen McPhee (fellow Australian LD riding community members!) joined us and Colleen kindly offered to buy one on Amazon and get it shipped overnight using her US account. Unfortunately ordering on Thursday night for Friday or Saturday delivery wasn’t an option so we went to plan B.

Up early this morning, Kiwi did some research and found some local motorcycling shops we could try. But first to Walmart. We needed some essentials:

Man things:

  • Socks
  • Undies
  • Deodorant
  • Shorts without holes

Rally things:

  • SD cards for the camera
  • Lithium batteries for the Spot
  • A bag for the non-essentials and clean clothes we will leave here in Lexington for the week

Piglet things:

  • A couple of spare pairs of compression socks
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Girl stuff

As we were finalising our list I had a bit of a moment. I unpacked my bag and found my bike shorts. I hadn’t been wearing these on the ride down *facepalm*! I know these help ensure my butt hurts less and I hadn’t been wearing them. Yes, I would probably have been a bit warmer wearing another layer but they will definitely help with the pressure points.

Then Kiwi found a ‘stadium seat’ in the sports/camping section of the Walmart. I haven’t seen these in Australia but it’s basically a foam cushion with a handle on it that is exactly the size of a pillion seat. I tried it out on the way back to the hotel and it’s a winner. I’m a little concerned because Lisa said ‘Bless your heart’ when we got back to the hotel and I told her, and those who’ve been playing along know that things don’t usually end well when Lisa has to bless your heart. But she assured me she meant it in the good way. So I think I’m ok :|. I hope!

We also set up a couple of our GOT ‘flags’ on each side of the bike screen so I can hopefully take photos as we’re riding along. And for good measure I have a credit card sized one on a lanyard just in case. So hopefully we can slay two dragons with one rally… or something like that…

Anyway, we’re pretty well set now I think. I’m a little nervous after the rookie briefing. I know we’re not aiming to come first or break any records or anything but watching how other people do things is making me question whether we’re doing it ‘right’ and I’m one of those people who has to do everything right… Sigh. But we have a plan. Rule 1 is to have fun. We have a plan for roughly how many kms we will travel per day, with options for shorter days if it’s super hot and longer days if we’re feeling comfortable. We want to see new and different places together and so if we collect fewer points on more interesting roads rather than massive points by spending 3 days on the interstate then that’s ok. We’ll ride our own rally and see how it goes.

This is probably my last post until after the rally. It’s a ‘media blackout’ for us while we’re rallying – no Facebook or blogging or whatever – which is probably a good thing! If you want to keep following the Butt Lite IX adventures of all the riders, head over to the rally blog where the day’s best stories will feature. If it’s anything like the IBR blog, I’m hoping you don’t read about us! It’s usually the stories about how someone got lost in the woods, hit a deer and turned up at a bonus at the wrong time or on the wrong day!

Once we’re back here in Lexington, or perhaps up at the lake relaxing with our American family, I’ll tell you all the best parts. In the meantime, we might see you on the road!IMG_2566

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  1. TJ Avatar

    Love your comments and great to see that you have really gotten into this rally thing.


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