So in what I like to think of as a moment of weakness, late last year I agreed to sit behind Martin (aka Kiwi) for Butt Lite IX. This will be the story of how I actually get my shit together so I don’t completely embarrass myself come July!

3 responses to “This is serious”

  1. Martin Little Avatar
    Martin Little

    While its a beginning its also a continuation of a journey Pillion Piglet has been sharing with me for many years. One she has been with me along the way and I’m super excited that I can get to share a Rally with her!


  2. Marlene Perry Avatar
    Marlene Perry

    Hi, and welcome to the pillioning distance thing. I have only one way of describing what I do with Ron, and that it’s a new/different form of intimacy, as in sharing a common interest and being able to enjoy it with him, rather than watching from spot/tracking in comfort, and not being there too, means I feel I’m missing out. Hope this makes sense. Cheers, Marls.

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    1. Bec Avatar

      Thanks Marlene! It makes perfect sense and I definitely feel I’m missing out when I’m not there to share it with Martin.


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